【What is MIRUPLUS?】

We are pleased to announce that we launch a website MIRUPLUS delivering original articles that cover all energy and commodities (metals and grains etc), finance, economics with a new cut. We also have quite a large geopolitical following and are accepting the occasional piece in this area. We believe that our readers are able to benefit from our information.


【Write for MIRUPLUS】

We are looking for journalists, writers, analysts and companies who focus on energy, commodities, finance and geopolitical topics.

All submissions must be your own original work. Any articles written in English found to be copied from somewhere else will be deleted without notice. Please only submit your own original articles.

If your article is well researched, original and is relevant to the topic being discussed, as well as matching our site's ethos, then you will probably be published.

The content should be on topic, original and non offensive. It also should not be unduly self-promotional.

As the writer you retain the copyright to the article. You assign to us right which means that your contributions must be your own original work and not published elsewhere. However once the contribution appears in MIRUPLUS’s site.

We may also edit your article, by changing the title and making minor changes to the text to appeal to our readers and give improved search engine visibility without materially changing the sense of what is written. (This is very rare though.)

In submitting your content you warrant that the work is your own and does not include any material in which any third party owns any intellectual property rights. If you have engaged anyone to write the contribution for you, you must make sure you have an assignment to you of all rights that person has in the contribution.

To become a contributor please send a mail to: capitolinteltok@gmail.com letting him know a little about yourself and your work and if successful we will be in touch with more information about setting you up as a writer and additional benefits we offer writers.




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The information posted on this website is created based on various materials that MIRUPLUS has determined to be reliable, but MIRUPLUS does not guarantee the accuracy or safety of the information and data contained in this material..


In addition, this material is intended to provide general information to our readers and is not intended to provide any specific advice regarding any investment. Therefore, MIRUPLUS does not take any responsibility for the result of investment etc. made based on this information.


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