On Wednesday, March 30, 2022, we will hold a MIRU Online Live titled "Urgent event! What is LME?  & Financial and Metal Commodity Market Outlook".  In addition, we will invite the speakers from TOKYO STEEL and the Indian steel media SteelMint, which is now a mutually beneficial media partner with MIRU, to talk about the current state of supply and demand of steel products around the world. (SteelMint→https://www.steelmint.com/)


                 LME (London Metal Exchange) is shaken by nickel uproar.  Around the 145-year-old traditional metal trading market, many voices are heard saying its credibility has wavered and even major traders may move away from LME.  This time, Mr. LME, Tetsu Emori who has published a masterpiece book “Introduction to LME” and is the CEO of Emory Fund Management, will be invited as a lecturer to explain the market of LME and the recent commodity market as well.


                 Moreover, Mr. Kawakami, a financial analyst who appeared last time, will also introduce Refinitiv's EIKON system by Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters). As for the current market situation for steel products that is soaring due to Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, two guest speakers from TOKYO STEEL Japan and from SteelMint India will talk.


【Date】March 30 (Wed.), 2022  15:00-17:00  ※Time has been changed


【Main Title】

   "What is LME?  & Global Steel Product Supply and Demand Status by TOKYO STEEL and SteelMint"



  Moderator: IRuniverse


15:00-15:05 Greetings

15:05-15:50 "LME Pricing System and Copper, Aluminum and Nickel Market Outlook"

 Lecturer: Tetsu Emori, President & CEO, EMORI UND MANAGEMENT, INC.

16:00-16:20 "Financial Markets, Dollar Tipping Point"

 Lecturer: Mr. Atsushi Kawakami, Financial Analyst

16:20〜16:30 Introduction of Refinitiv's EIKON system

16:30-17:00  “Latest Steel Products Market Overview”

 Speakers: Mr. Gaku Ito, General Manager of sales department at TOKYO STEEL

 & Mr. Jay Prakash Sahu from SteelMint


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