Kistos, the low carbon intensity energy producer pursuing a strategy to acquire assets with a role in energy transition is pleased to provide an update on the initial results of the appraisal of the Vlieland sandstone formation in the Q07 and Q10 blocks, offshore the Netherlands. This was the first stage of our four month drilling campaign. Kistos announced it today. (Logo quoted from Yahoo’s image) 


After encountering the target formation on prognosis at a depth of 1,562 metres TVDss, an 825 metre horizontal section was drilled by the Prospector-1. The Q10-A-04 A well was flow tested for 5 days between 26 and 31 August 2021. During this time, a maximum stable rate of 3,200 barrels of oil per day (bopd) was achieved, which was higher than anticipated. 


The oil will be sold to a local refinery and is good quality with an API of 33°. The well is now shut-in for a pressure build-up and the information obtained, along with reservoir and surface samples taken during the flow test, will be analysed as Kistos prepares a field development plan for this project. Kistos has previously estimated 2C resources for this accumulation of between 23.1 - 67.5 mmboe net. This estimate was independently audited by Sproule and will be refined following review of all the data.


Kistos recognises it is imperative that all hydrocarbon supplies are sourced from fields with the smallest carbon footprint possible. The Company has demonstrated with the design and performance of the existing Q10-A platform that it is capable of keeping emissions to an industry leading minimum.


Having confirmed the viability of this discovery in the Vlieland sandstone, we will examine options for developing it to achieve a "best in class" scope 1 and 2 emissions profile.


The Q10-A field is currently shut in while annual planned maintenance is undertaken at the TAQA-operated P15-D facility, through which gas export is currently routed. Production is anticipated to re-start before the end of September. Prior to the shut-in production was constrained by compressor issues on the P15-D platform.


 On 31 August, Kistos signed an Agreement with Infinergy and Windcollectief Noord-Holland to enter into exclusive negotiations to acquire Windpark Ferrum. Windpark Ferrum comprises three wind turbines on the TATA-owned site in IJmuiden where Kistos proposes to reroute gas production from Q10-A and build a compression station adjacent to an existing facility. 


The wind farm can produce up to 7MW of electricity and would enable Kistos to supply a material proportion of the power required by the new facility from a renewable source. This would have the effect of materially reducing the overall carbon emissions of the new plant. The agreement does not require the parties to enter into a transaction and there can be no assurances that one will occur.


Jiro Arihara

Global Commodity Watcher