In Afghanistan, where many US troops withdrew, the Taliban's offensive continued, and on August 16, it finally advanced to the capital Kabul and seized the Executive Office of the President. The US military will also proceed with withdrawal from Iraq. It is unlikely that the Islamic State will re-offensive, but it is feared that it will bring about further growth in Iran to intervene in Iraq. The pressure is expected to increase in the northern half-independent region of Kurdistan, which plays an important role in the fight against terrorism and the stability of Iraq. (Photo quoted from Yahoo’s image)


Unlike Iraq's central political circle, which is dominated by Iran's breathtaking forces, the Kurdistan region, which takes its own position, is a valuable and reliable partner for the United States. Kurdistan has a tendency to respect ethnic and religious diversity, and is rarely pro-Western in the Middle East. 


However, it is dominated by political forces from different tribes in the north and south, has a weak government and financial base, and is susceptible to the intervention of neighboring countries such as Turkey and Iran.


Turkey uses the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which is based in Iraq, as an excuse to wipe out the PKK, and embraces the Kurdistan Regional Government, which is also hostile to PKK. 


On the other hand, Iran is dying behind the scenes without the nation coming to the fore, such as behind-the-scenes work by the Revolutionary Guard Corps and a group of Sia Arab militias under its umbrella. One of Iran's major plots was the October 2017 occupation of the large oil field Kirkuk by the Shi'a militia.


Iran has made demands on Kurdish dissidents who have been exiled from Iran into the Kurdistan region as a means of interfering with domestic affairs.It was reported that Iran's defense council chairman called on the Kurdish Foreign Minister of Iraq on the 10th to take serious steps to expel domestic anti-Iranian forces as the Iraqi government, or Iran will take all steps.  Iran has been outraged by rocket attacks on dissident bases.


In September 2018, Iran launched a missile at a base in the Kurdistan region of the Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDKI), a dissident, killing 11 people. Speaking of behind-the-scenes work, PDKI executives say that more than 450 people have been assassinated in the last 30 years since the Kurdistan region gained autonomy.


At the end of the Trump administration era, Qasem Soleimani, then commander of the Revolutionary Guard Corps Godos in Iran, who played a major role in crafting operations in Iraq, was finally killed by the U.S. attacks. 


In June of this year, conservative hardline President Laishi was born in Iran. The Biden administration is now overwhelmed by the situation in Afghanistan due to the Taliban's rapid invasion. Iran will also go on an "offensive" as if to say a counterattack.


Roni Namo

Ethnic writer living in Tokyo. Since he encountered the Kurdish problem while attending college, he has continued to cover and analyze political movements of ethnic minorities, mainly Kurds. He was taught Kurdish (Kurdish) by Kurds and is probably the only Japanese who can use Kurdish. He has completed the translation of a Japanese novel into Kurdish (unpublished). Currently focusing on learning Arabic. He has also learned Persian and Turkish. He is training to become a multilingual journalist.