Vårgrønn and Agder Energi have worked together for the initial development activity and are now announcing a broadening of the partnership as GIG, one of the world’s largest green infrastructure developers, enters the consortium. The consortium will bid for a site in the Norwegian Sørlige Nordsjø II area, comprising up to 3 GW of new offshore wind capacity. (Photo quoted from Agder Energi website)


Vårgrønn and Agder Energi will each own 37.5 percent and Green Investment Group will own 25 percent of the consortium. Vårgrønn will be the Project Manager.


Vårgrønn is a Norwegian renewable energy developer founded by global energy company Eni and the Norwegian energy entrepreneur HitecVision, both companies with a long history in the offshore energy sector and strong commitment to contributing to the energy transition. The same partnership also established Vår Energi and building on this long standing collaboration, Vårgrønn provides unique Norwegian offshore competence, local knowledge, financial expertise, and entrepreneurial drive to the consortium.


Agder Energi is one of Norway’s leading producers of clean, renewable hydroelectric power, with long experience in renewables development, subsea interconnectors and power system engineering. It is the regional grid operator in the Norwegian landing area for the onshore connection from Sørlige Nordsjø II and has strong power system capabilities, providing essential local knowledge and expertise to the consortium.


Macquarie’s Green Investment Group (GIG) has funded more than GPB 25 billion (more than NOK 300 billion) of green energy projects globally. It has full capabilities in offshore wind development, construction, and operations, with an offshore wind portfolio consisting of 11 GW capacity installed or under development. This makes GIG one of the world’s most experienced offshore wind developers. 



Jiro Arihara

Global Commodity Watcher