TechnipFMC recently announced that they are joining forces with Loke Marine Minerals (Loke) to develop enabling technologies for the extraction of seabed minerals, driving the energy transition and a sustainable future. (Logo quoted from Yahoo’s image)


Marine minerals have been identified by the World Bank, World Economic Forum, and International Energy Agency as one of the potential solutions to meet the increasing demand for metals used in electric vehicle batteries, clean energy technologies, and consumer electronics.


Together, Loke and TechnipFMC are developing a patent-pending, autonomous subsea production system that aims to have minimal impact on the environment and positions the company well for potential offshore licensing on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) and internationally.


The NCS is known to have copper, zinc, cobalt, and other rare earth elements. Norway is one of the only countries to have formalized marine mineral legislation. The Norwegian government is expected to make a final decision on licensing approval for exploration and production in 2023.


TechnipFMC is a leading technology provider to the traditional and new energy industries, delivering fully integrated projects, products, and services.


With proprietary technologies and comprehensive solutions, TechnipFMC are transforming clients’ project economics, helping them unlock new possibilities to develop energy resources while reducing carbon intensity and supporting their energy transition ambitions.


Organized in two business segments — Subsea and Surface Technologies — TechnipFMC will continue to advance the industry with their pioneering integrated ecosystems, technology leadership and digital innovation.


Each of their approximately 20,000 employees is driven by a commitment to clients’ success, and a culture of strong execution, purposeful innovation, and challenging industry conventions.



Jiro Arihara

Global Commodity Watcher