Holt Energy Advisors Ltd ("HEA") recently announced that it has acquired, via a subsidiary company, the "SME Certification Centre" for an undisclosed consideration of cash and shares in HEA. (Photo quoted from HEA’s website)


HEA will incorporate the brand into a new specialist "SME Energy Centre" offering small and medium-sized businesses a simplified and streamlined process with easy to understand solutions to manage their sustainability, carbon footprint and energy procurement.


The SME Certification Centre was founded in 2019 and provides bespoke standards ("SME Standards") which allow SMEs to create a cost and time-effective management system alternative to more onerous ISO standards. In parallel, HEA's energy and carbon management services will be integrated into the offering allowing clients real-world solutions to manage their sustainability and environmental goals.


Chris Starling, Managing Director of HEA said " We are very pleased to announce this acquisition. With COP26 coming later in 2021 and an increasing focus on climate change and sustainability as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, we felt this business provided an opportunity to combine a unique yet comprehensive approach to delivering a management system for SMEs with HEA's knowledge and experience in the energy and carbon management markets which up until now have been focussed on our larger energy sector clients. HEA's aim is to provide SMEs with access to the tools, processes and solutions to manage their sustainability journey in a way that makes sense for their size and type of business".


The SME Certification Centre website can be viewed here with complementary carbon management and energy management services launching during Q4-2021.


Holt Energy Advisors is a boutique energy advisory company delivering expert commercial consulting and transaction advisory solutions to the energy sector.


About the development of this business outside the UK, a HEA spokeswoman commented on MIRUPLUS's inquiry as follows: ”Unfortunately, the way this certification is designed it really is only applicable for the UK and UK legislation at the moment.”


Jiro Arihara

Global Commodity Watcher