Serinus Energy plc announced that the Sancrai-1 exploration well commenced drilling in Romania on 29 June 2021. (Logo quoted from Yahoo’s image)  


The Sancrai-1 well will be drilled to a depth of 1,600 metres and has been designed to test two prospective hydrocarbon zones.  The Sancrai-1 well is the final commitment of the third exploration phase of the Satu Mare Concession. 


The Sancrai-1 well is located on the southern flank of the Carei Basin, in the northern Satu Mare area.  Existing discoveries in the northern Satu Mare area, including the Company's Moftinu gas field which is approximately 7.5 kilometres due south of the Sanrai-1 well, are similarly on the flanks of the Carei Basin, which is a proven hydrocarbon source.  


The Sancrai-1 exploration well is seeking to access further hydrocarbons on the migration path from the Carei Basin source kitchen and utilise the operational experience of the Moftinu gas plant to commercialise a discovery.