Having the highest number of coronavirus infected cases; India has turned to be one of the world's major centers of the coronavirus outbreaks. The new species of coronavirus has mutated 15 times compared to the original virus, and the second wave of coronavirus outbreak is spreading faster in India than ever before. The number of infected people in India exceeds 21 million and the second wave of pandemic in this country is the worst coronavirus-related condition in the world. (Photo quoted from Yahoo’s image)


In the eyes of many, real statistics may be 20 to 10 times the official statistics. The Corona Pandemic has killed 230,000 Indians, and oxygen is scarce in many places. India is currently grappling with one of the worst cases of the Coronavirus outbreak. This epidemic has taken the lives of so many people in this country and put a lot of pressure on its health system.


The Indian government appears to have ignored warnings from expert advisers about a new and more contagious species of coronavirus and has not imposed any major restrictions to curb the spread of the new coronavirus by deliberate and selective measures. Therefore, the virus has spread from cities to remote villages and areas without facilities, and the daily number of new cases of coronavirus in India has reached more than 400,000.


The government has also been criticized by various political groups and some foreign countries and institutions for failing to manage crisis, not understanding the situation, the election program and not canceling the election campaign, holding the largest religious meeting in the world less than a month ago, despite repeated warnings from the Indian medical system, the lack of global quarantine in the country.


Last year, although India implemented one of the longest and most severe global quarantines in the world, but Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said thorough quarantine is not possible in India. Meanwhile, if the two-dimensional strain of the coronavirus is the cause of the second deadly wave, It must prepare for the third ‘inevitable’ COVID-19 wave and even declare a national emergency.


According to the World Health Organization, the risk of a pandemic getting out of control and a repeat of the situation in India threatens many other countries. In fact, if the crisis in India continues for the next few weeks, the coronavirus crisis will push about 400 million people including the Indian working population below the poverty line of.


In addition, it is estimated that the death toll from the coronavirus pandemic in India will soon reach one million. Under these circumstances, the internal corona crisis in India could turn into a global crisis. Because the risk of high population, holding various ceremonies, poor health system, and lack of hospital facilities is still in favor of the virus.On the other hand, the corona tsunami in India has been the biggest crisis in the country since Modi took office in 2014. Many, meanwhile, are not optimistic about improving the situation in the coming days, and see the slow pace of controlling coronavirus and the rapid spread of the disease in India as a negative prospect for an end to the situation.


In addition to the corona tsunami in India, there will be other political consequences for Bharatiya Janata, the ruling party. Narendra Modi has also been heavily criticized by political opponents, who say he has not taken steps to curb the coronavirus epidemic. Recently, Modi's party lost the local elections in the important state of West Bengal. Now the impact of the corona crisis on the political life of Modi and his party until the next general election in 2024 has become more and more.


Farzad Ramezani Bonesh

Senior Researcher and Analyst of International Affairs