In consideration of the current situation of the new type of coronavirus disease(COVID-19), we have decided the conference shown below to be postponed.

Regarding the availability of events after April, we will inform you as soon as determined.



Notice on the Date Decision


We would like to inform you that the postponed "Battery Summit 2021" will be held on May 7, 2021 in Tokyo after taking measures against corona infection. As with the previous opportunity, we will invite a Nobel awarded Dr. Akira Yoshino as keynote speaker as well as lecturers from NISSAN MOTOR, Tesla Japan, Intel and DeNA to address the newest innovative technology trends.


※We planned to stream it initially, but please note that it will be held only at the venue by the request of the speaker.


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We would like all members to join us for this important event.


   Date: May 7, Friday, 2021 from 12:00- (Beginning time is 13:00)


  ※Please come with plenty of time.

   Please keep a certain distance when the entrance is crowded or the entrance is lined up.


 Venue: Gakushikaikan Room No.210 

         (Postal code‘ 101-8459   kanda Nishikimachi 3-28, Chiyoda, Tokyo TEL: 03-3292-5936)


PROGRAM *Updated March12 , lecture order and title subject to change


1. 13:00-13:45 Tesla Japan  Mr.Shinji Asakura, Country Manager,Energy Products,Japan

”Accelerate the Global Transition to Sustainable Energy”


*Main Theme*

Tesla's Mission and Initiatives mainly with Energy Products (Storage Batteries, Solar Power Generation Systems).



He joined IHI Aviation Engine Division in 1981.

He joined GE Power Systems in 1993.

Since 2006, he has been a leader in the Energy Application Engineering Asia Pacific region, overseeing Energy Business Sales & Technology in Asia Pacific countries excluding India and China.

In 2011, he became a Manager of Advanced Technology Project Development at GE’s Global Research Center.

In 2011, he became a Manager of Advanced Technology Project Development at GE’s Global Research Center.

Since May 2018, he has been appointed Japan Country Manager of Tesla's Energy Products.



2. 13:50-14:20 Mr. Makoto Yoshida, GM of Foreign Affairs Department, NISSAN MOTOR

 “Carbon Zero Society through Cross Industries Alliance”


*Main Theme*

Contribution of EVs in a Carbon Neutral Society

・Why EVs are important

Necessity of collaboration between different industries

・To use up the batteries

・Current Initiatives

・Current Initiatives



April 1989 Joined Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

July 1997 Nissan Europe Brussels Office (seconded to manager)

July 2001 Returned to work at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. CEO / Alliance Office

April 2007 Nissan North America, Washington Office (Washington Office Director)

April 2011 Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Reinstatement Law Certification Office, Global Technology External Relations

April 2014 General Manager of External Relations Department, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

April 2015 (General Incorporated Association) CHAdeMO Council Secretary General (concurrent post)


 -Coffee Brake 20min-


3. 14:40-15:10  Mr. Tsuguo Nobe, Director of Business Development/Strategy Promotion  & Chief Service Architect, Intel (title to be informed)



Graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Science and Engineering. After joining NEC, he launched an IBM-compatible PC business overseas, and in 1997 led the way in the at-compatible use of PC98s in Japan, before establishing the Personal Software Division. He was involved in the development of video streaming, video-on-demand, video conferencing systems, terrestrial ripple and satellite TV electronic program tables etc.

In 2001, he established one of Japan's largest online gaming companies as a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp and became CEO. In 2004, he moved to Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and established the vehicle IoT department of affairs and Silicon Valley office.

In 2011, he was awarded “Award for the Best Mobile Innovation for Automotive and Transport” at GSMA 2011 for building an IoT for Nissan EV (LEAF).

In 2012, he moved to Intel Corporation to promote business development policies such as autonomous driving and MaaS etc.

Since 2014, he has also served as a visiting associate professor at the Institute of Innovation for Future Society of Nagoya University and engaged in research and development (R&D) of autonomous driving.

He frequently speaks at the IEEE and major domestic and international conferences related to cars and IT. He has served as an official member of various government committees.


4. 15:15-15:45 Mr. Tooru Hutami, Fellow ,DeNA 

"The Mobility & Energy Revolution Driven by the Zero Emission Cycle"



In 1981, graduated from the University of Tokyo, the Department of Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering. He joined Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. up to his graduation.

Since 1990, he has been mainly in charge of airbags, navigation, telematics, IT and ITS development.

Since the 2000s, he has been engaged in Technical and Research Strategies related to Nissan LEAF ICT system development, autonomous driving, and connected cars, and since 2016, he has been engaged in the V2X system/EV regenerative battery business using EVs at 4R ENERGY Corporation.

consulting services focusing on technology in the automotive and peripheral industries as a freelancer.



- 10 minutes break –


5. 15:55-16:40 Dr. Akira Yoshino, Honorary Fellow, Asahi Kasei, Nobel Prize in Chemistry Winner

“The Future Society Engendered by Lithium-ion Batteries”


*Main Theme*

All in all of Lithium Battery Invention

A proposal to solve Environmental and Energy issues



1972   Asahi-Kasei Kogyou Corp.(presently Asahi-Kasei)

2001  General Manager, Battery Materials Business Development Office

2003  Fellow, Asahi-Kasei, General Manager, Yoshino Laboratory

2010  President of LIBTECH, Research and Development Partnership

2017  Professor, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Meijo University

2017  Honorable Fellow, Asahi-Kasei

2019  Nobel Prize Chemistry


Convivial Party: We will be held after the lecture.


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Participation fee:

Only lecture

・Full member  12,000 yen/person

・Non-member 15,000 yen/person

・Students        2,000yen/person


Including convivial Party:

・Full member  17,000 yen/person

・Non-member 20,000 yen/person


※ Please be aware that we will only accept bank transfers.


Please note that the seriousness of the COVID infection could cancel the event, change the date/time or cancel some parts of the plan/lectures. Further information will be available at this site in a timely manner.


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