The U.S. Presidential election was a historic close race, but at the same time, "Extreme Women" showed off their power on both the right and the left in the House of Representatives election. They won the hearts of voters with his strong personality, but some are likely to be the eye of the typhoon in the next President's election. To understand chaotic the U.S. politics, it is essential to know them.


 The House of Representatives is re-elected every two years. Compared to the six-year Senate, which is said to be a "prefecture of common sense," it is tough to protect one's position. The number of senators is two in each State, but the House of Representatives has a different number of districts depending on the population and different States. It is characterized by the fact that it is easy to run to the masses in order to fight hard in small constituencies. That's why it requires a strong personality to win.


 First of all, let's introduce it from the left. A group of four young men called "The Squad" were elected for a second term. "Squad" means "squad" or "group" of the army or police, but it is used for everyday conversation in the sense of "a person of your choice who can have a sense of unity", "a companion who is always with you", etc. Can it be said that it is "Left-wing scarecrow four daughters"? 


 The four are Alexander Okasiocortes, 31, of New York's 14th District, Ilhan Oumar, 38, of Minnesota's 5th District, Rashida Tarive, 44, of Michigan's 13th District, and Ayanna Presley, 46, of Massachusetts' 7th District.


 All are people of color. In an attempt to change the economic structure itself with renewable energy, they strongly insisted on the "Green New Deal" and promoted a "Democratic Socialism" policy. Within the DPJ, it is often at odds with the mainstream faction of the party because of the considerable "progressives". There is "It is cool" again.


 In this election, that is seeking a second term, all four won by a wide gap over rival candidates. Mr. Presley received 87.3 percent of the vote.


 It is Mr. Ocasiocortes who pays special attention in this. She is a famous member of Congress who can be under been used in the U.S. only by "AOC" with her name abbreviated. New York's 14th district, which is located in New York City's Bronx and Queens districts, is home to many blue-collar workers, including immigrants.


 After graduating from Boston University, she worked as a bartender and waitress at a Mexican bar in New York City, but in the 2018 election she appeared like a comet, and the tall beauty of Puerto Rican age became the youngest female congresswoman in history. In addition to insisting on breaking away from the existing economy with the "Green New Deal," the political stance of not receiving corporate donations has gained overwhelming support from the working class and young people.


 The skillful use of social media is also a factor in the expansion of support. She has 7.4 million Twitter followers and 5.3 million Instagram followers.


 When e-commerce Amazon's plan to build a large-scale facility in New York City emerged in 2021, she strongly opposed the plan, saying it would "only exploit workers" and forced Amazon to withdraw the plan. Even within the Democratic Party, the plan was expected to create 25,000 new jobs in New York City, which raised questions about Ocasiocortes's stance, but her continued thoughts and beliefs boosted her popularity.


 And now, even as the Presidential election is just over, she is in the spotlight as a leading contender for the Presidential election in four years' time.


 Biden, a Democrat who won the Presidential election, will be 78 when he took office. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, where Democrats hold the majority, is now 80. Chuck Schumer, a Democrat in the Senate, will turn 70 this month. The aging of senior Democrats is negative for the spread of support. Democrats must rush to rejuvenate, and Ocasiocortes's youth is a major appeal point.


 Ocasiocortes was born on October 13, 1989, at the age of 31. Under the U.S. Constitution, a Presidential candidate must be 35 years old when she enters the White House as President, but if Okasiocortes becomes the Democratic nominee, she could turn 35 during the campaign and become an extremely young President at 35.


 However, the headwind is blowing here. Ocasiocortes appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair, a magazine released during the campaign, and an interview article appeared in the magazine. The photo of the suit posing like a fashion model, but all the clothes and shoes I wore were ultra-luxury brands, and the total amount exceeded 1.4 million yen. The voice of the criticism "Where is a worker's ally" has intensified in the photograph which sprinkles the smile wearing such clothes. It is also the second-largest house district in the U.S. with total campaign finance in New York's 14th District. In other words, it will be sitting in the second most expensive House of Representatives seat in the U.S., and the impression that it is full of money 2016 is spreading in the same way as "Democratic Socialism". Voters will now see if it is a "Real Left."


 The right-wing "Extreme Women" are women who believe in conspiracy theories called "QAnon". Marjorie Taylor Green, 46, of Georgia's 14th District, and Lauren Beaubert, 33, of Colorado's 3rd District. They were elected for the first time together.


 "QAnon" is a far-right movement that appeals for support for Mr. Trump by circulating unfounded conspiracy theories such as "Biden and other senior Democrats are involved in child trafficking" on the Internet etc, and in the tone of "President Trump is a man of justice fighting these evils." Japanese news also showed people at Trump's campaign rallies holding placards with "Q" written on them and wearing T-shirts, but the two became members of the House of Representatives from among these Trump supporters.


Green runs a small construction company with her husband. She has never been in politics or public office. It is a housewife who was actively writing about the conspiracy theory on the Internet. When she won the Republican primary in August, Trump congratulated Green on "a future Republican star."


 Beaubert is an activist who advocates for gun ownership rights. She is also the mother of four children. She runs a restaurant where you can bring your gun in without putting it in the holder and can eat. The restaurant is famous among gun lovers. Beaubert has publicly attacked "The Squad" on the Internet etc, and the confrontation in the chamber is seen.


Taro Yanaka / Journalist

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